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“I completed 6 marathons in 6 days and an injury stopped me running the 7th marathon. I decided to see Juliette, I have seen her several times before and always pleased with the results. Juliette diagnosed a tendon injury on my ankle that should heal with time and not serious. Juliette also gave me some exercises to do to realign my feet biomechanics. Juliette also provided some massage relief to the area. Another great visit. I have always been very pleased with the treatment provided by Juliette.”


“My pilates class is my one oasis of calm during the working week, something I look forward to where, for once, I can just simply listen and be told what to do. I’ve always enjoyed pilates, but when I started Juliette’s class I noticed a marked change in quality which I had never experienced before. The personalisation, attention to description, calming and supportive language, technical expertise and a focus on helping me to build exercises into daily life was remarkable. Sitting at a laptop all day, with a demanding job has meant that my shoulders end up in my ears and I’ve lost a lot of flexibility in my spine. Practicing the exercises and knowing what “good” feels like gives me the confidence that my back is now improving, most of which I owe to Juliette. I would highly recommend her classes.”


“I was diagnosed with an osteo- arthritic right hip which very seriously restricted my general mobility .Secondly I had a longstanding disorder of the joint at the back of my big toe ( Hallux Rigidus) which was becoming increasingly painful, so that walking distances became impossible. Juliette through her skilful manipulation of my foot, excellent Pilates tuition and motivation to practice the resultant exercises has made a big difference to my life. As an example, I can now play 18 holes of golf regularly again without any pain. Her philosophy of educating and empowering patients is very effective ,She is a committed, patient centric, true professional who regularly participates in further training and development to ensure that she is aware of the latest developments in her area of healthcare. I very strongly recommend her as a leader in her chosen profession. Thank you.”


“Juliette was my first Pilates instructor, over five years ago, and her style is unique. After a sixty minute session with her I feel fully unwound, invigorated and at least half an inch taller. Five years later, and at a higher level, I still feel that each session is different, and with small class sizes (or one-to-ones) you get the individual attention that gives you the confidence to build what you have learned into your everyday life. The wide variety of exercises, and good supervision on excellent equipment make Juliette's Pilates classes stand out from the others.”


“I saw Juliette when I was pregnant as I was experiencing rib, neck and pelvis pain. The treatment I received was truly excellent. She performed a thorough assessment and treated me with care and accuracy. Without her, I would have struggled to stay fully mobile during my pregnancy. Not only that, once i had had my son,she enabled me to get walking; something which is essential when you have a non-sleeping son! I cannot thank Juliette enough and would highly recommend her.”

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