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‘My objective is to listen to you and be your partner in your quest to achieve both mental and physical well being and facilitate and empower you to achieve your personal goals.’
Using the ISM and ConnectTherapy whole body assessment, we aim to find the origin of the problem and treat this, hence relieving the symptoms you are experiencing. We aim to treat the whole person and understand how things are connected.
No problem is too big or too small. Every client is interesting and a fresh and fascinating challenge! Juliette believes that Physiotherapy treatment can benefit just about anybody. Conditions treated vary widely from back pain to post operative rehabilitation etc etc. It may be that you just ‘don’t feel right’. We strive to ‘be the best we can be’ and move further away from potential future injuries, aches and pains.
The client will feel empowered by the treatment and able to influence the benefits felt and have the tools to maintain them. Treatment is not only about receiving hands on therapy but aims to be an experiential education process, in which your posture and movement patterns may change, hence the phrase 'intelligent exercise, profound results'.
By integrating the benefits of both Physiotherapy techniques and Pilates exercise we aim to create lasting changes in your body function, enhancing retention of new brain maps.
Neck and Shoulder Massage
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